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Our mission is to assist others wishing to get involved, help out and promote our fundraisers in Paige's name. This happens by choosing and organizing projects that reflect what was close to Paige's heart, creating ways to improve others lives. We help young people to go to trade school or colleges specializing in their field of choice by offering grants for tuition, books and mentoring programs to deserving middle and high school students. Proceeds go directly to these projects.

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Paige's Story

On December 29th 2016 the world stood still for Sandra Markowitz, awakened by a phone call to the heart wrenching words that no mother would ever expect or ever want to hear, "I'm sorry, your daughter did not survive." Sandra's only child, 25 year old Paige Madison had been in a horrific auto accident and life for Sandra would never be the same as her world became an unimaginable nightmare.

Paige Madison was an beautiful, amazing, and very talented young lady, and from the moment she was born she was able to brighten anyone's day with her infectious smile, and her uplifting, loving and caring personality. She was adored by her family and had many, many friends who counted on her for support and advice while trying to make it through the turbulent teens into adulthood. At the time of her death Paige was working at a wondeeful salon in Coral Springs to supporti herself while attending cosmetology school. She only had two months left to graduate and she was so excited about her new upcoming career as a fashionable hairstylist, but because of her sudden death she would never get that chance.

In honor of her daughter's memory, the non-profit charity Paige Madisons Band of Angels was formed.

Local bands and some well known famous musicians come together to perform to help raise money and awareness for young people, giving them a chance to excel in school for a brighter future.

Making the decision to better yourself and secure your future isn't always easy for some young people to put into action but when we band together, children ride the wings of education to find and make their dreams come true.

Sandra Markowitz created this non profit charity in honor of her daughter and although her daughter didn't get the chance to finish school and begin her career, The Paige Madison's Band of Angels is a stepping stone for those who would not have had the opportunity otherwise.

"Very truly I tell you, unless a kernel of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains only a single seed. But if it dies, it produces many seeds and brings forth much fruit..." John 12:24

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